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Land for Africa Orphanage Support

Securing land for the Children’s Village was not an easy feat. Although we found two properties that we believed would work, one was very far from Kampala and the other just didn’t work out due to financial concerns. While we were disappointed, we quickly found the property in Bukomero. The seller had accumulated over 200 acres during the course of his lifetime and used the land to raise cattle. The land was lush and had two seasonal ponds. Our Ugandan Executive Director, Stella Ajilong, my wife Cathy, and myself were given a tour of the property by the owner in 2018. We felt that this was the right property for our project, and along with the rest of our Ugandan board, decided to purchase 4 parcels (equal to 103 acres). Because the owner had previously been involved in a purchase that was fraudulent, he was very cautious, and it took over 18 months to close escrow on all four parcels. Now the real work of designing, fundraising and building the community could begin.  We are forever grateful to those that donated funds towards the purchase of the land for the land of this first of many communities for orphaned children! 
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By the end of 2019, we had made great strides! The Grundy Building, our first structure, a combination warehouse/living quarters was built.  Built with four 40-foot shipping containers and brick.  Under one roof is a barn with secure storage, two bedrooms, bathrooms with a shower, and a kitchen with a dining area. We now had a place to sleep, besides a tent.  Additionally crews had cleared approximately 30% of the land with machetes and heavy equipment, a large task that included removing bushes full of thorns and stumps, leveling the land, plowing, and finally planting the crops. The first crop was harvested and provided food for the construction crew.

In 2020, the Uganda Rural Electrification Program placed power poles in front of the property, which means the building will have electricity! This is a huge blessing since we purchased the property without any power on the street nearby and believed we would have to rely completely on solar power.
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We continue to work towards a completed farm community with fourteen homes, an elementary school, high school, health clinic, and community center. We know that this community will sustain the 300+ residents that will live here and assist in paying for the schools, health clinic, and community outreach.

We appreciate your donations made for this effort and look forward to continued
donations to assist with our expansion! Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have!
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