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Providing Loving Family Homes for  Orphaned Children
An Education, Medical
and Dental Charity


The goal of Hands of an African Child is to create a community of family homes for orphaned children. To teach these children to be  self-reliant adults, breaking the cycle of poverty that is so common for orphaned children in Africa.

This approach is tried and proven to work. Instead of the common orphanage solution, we know that children thrive when they live in a loving family with a mother and a father. Each family lives on 2-3 acres. Children are loved, fed wholesome meals, drink clean water, receive an education, and provided health care.

There are multiple projects, both completed and in progress within our organization, that help Uganda and orphans in Africa. When you give to
Africa you will help us continue to grow in the support we provide these orphaned children.
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Children's Village
Our 125-acre community is located near Bukomero in Central Uganda. We are striving to change the current methods used for orphan care to a family model, where orphans will live in family homes with mothers and fathers.

The community will have 14 foster family homes that with 16 orphaned children living in each home. The families will largely support themselves through farming.  There will also be  orchards as well as farm animals (pigs, cattle, goats and chickens). The money earned through the community farm will also provide income for our elementary school, high school and health clinic.
Community Center
Each Children’s Village will have a Community Center. This building will be used by our schools for assemblies, for community gatherings, for parent training meetings and it will have a library, which will be a resource for teaching English.  It will also be used for community outreach programs, which will include; training to improve family farm production, methods for elimination of water borne disease, personal hygiene training, green energy technology, health and wellness programs, and medical/dental outreach efforts to the impoverished living in a 1 hour radius.  Additionally this building will be used for worship services.

The environment is important to us, which means that we focus on efficiently using local resources that are available. This community center will be built with dura brick, also known as stabilized soil bricks. The bricks are made with cement, sand, and local dirt and don't need to be "fired".  This eliminates the pollution that comes from burning wood with the traditional brick making methods. The dirt needed for the bricks for this structure will leave a hole in the ground that is big enough to build a 16,000 gallon water storage tank. The rain will run off the roof of the building and collect in the tank and primarily be used to irrigate the crops.

We will welcome others  to the community center to help provide social opportunities and education opportunities for everyone. 


There are so many different things that will help us in our quest to provide a family for these children in need and our charity is doing great work. Even a little donation makes a huge difference! Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions and you can always donate to Africa here.
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